Automatic stringing Machine
外形尺寸 : 600*500*1200mm
整机重量 : 55KG
电池容量 : 220V

Power of receiving line:0.75KW

Suction power:1.4KW

Efficiency of wire Collection:10m/min

Wire delivery efficiency:Biggest10m/min

Output tensile force:120kg

Output torque:120N-m

Standard line length:20m

The stringing machine carries out suction line through the suction device,

Using mechanical power to imitate the traditional artificial line principle through the lead, and then through the motor will tie the wire to pull back the lead. Manual threading and cable will consume a certain amount of manpower and time, the use of stringing machine only need two people can easily threading, over curved, pull line.

01. Can quickly detect pipeline direction, detect pipeline blockage problem, reduce the prophase embedded lead process.

02. The stringing device can quickly pass through to another exit, to solve the problem of delivery line difficult.

03. Can quickly pull out the difficulty coefficient high, long distance, more curvature of the wire, to solve the problem of pull.